Patrick’s English Academy March Newsletter

Patrick’s English Academy March Newsletter

When you are studying in a new city it is a good idea to explore the city and find out more about the place you are living. As a student your budget may be tight. But there is always lots of ways to experience a city on a budget and here is a guide to some free and cheap things to do in Cork.

Walking Tours.

Cork City in Ireland

Cork City Council has set up self guided tours of Cork City. As the second city of Ireland but still big enough to navigate the city by foot. These tours are the ideal way to get to know the city by foot and learn about the History of Cork.

The Centre Island Walk

See how the River Lee shaped Cork City. Many of the cities main thoroughfares were once Rivers including Patrick Street. Explore the bridges and see how the trade has shaped the culture of Cork.

The South Parish walk.

This tour looks at how this marshy part of the city and how it was developed into the city.  It takes in churches, mills, breweries and historic houses in the city. Many of the place names along this route connect back to prominent families that played integral roles in Cork’s development.

Download the Brochure for Cork City Walks.

The Shandon Walk

This walk will deal with the historical part of Cork and the Butter Exchange. This was once a thriving part of commerce in the City. While you are in the Shandon area it is worth visiting the Shandon Bells.

Climb the Shandon Bells.

The Shandon Bells are a landmark of Cork City. You can visit the tower and for a small fee you can play the bells any time during opening hours and see the views of the city from the tower balcony.


Fitzgerald Park

Swans in Fitzgerald Park

A visit to Fitzgerald Park is an ideal way to pass some time on the banks of the River Lee.

Cork Public Museum. The park offers a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, with its beautiful tree lined avenues, brimming flower beds and rose garden to its many statues and sculptures and the large central fountain, this 18 acre park is a wonderful treat.

It is home to Cork Public Museum which houses the history of Cork from the Mesolithic Period onwards

The Park is has UCC on one side and across the river on Daly’s Bridge (The Shakey Bridge) on Sunday’s Well area you will find the old Cork City Gaol.

The park hosts many events during the year with concerts and other events in the Summer.

If you are in the area it is worth visiting the Glucksman Gallery in the grounds of UCC.