Below is important information for all students attending (or you plan to attend) Patrick’s English Academy:

  1.  Students are asked to pay close attention to posters/information about Covid-19 prevention, located in the classrooms and common areas of the school.
  2. Students who have questions about Covid-19 policies can speak to the director of studies and/or email the school at  All questions about Covid-19 are treated very seriously and will be responded to immediately. On the first day of their course, students will be made aware of the ‘lead worker representative’, who will deal with all of their queries related to Covid-19.
  3. In line with public health recommendations, the student common rooms will remain closed until further notice.
  4. Students are encouraged to follow the latest HSE public health guidelines.
  5. In the interest of public safety, students are asked not shake hands.
  6. For ventilation purposes, internal doors (classrooms and other) will remain open during school hours. Windows in the classroom will also be open for the duration of classes.
  7. In the case that a student wants to dispose of waste, students will find at least one waste bin located in each room and at the school entrance.
  8. To avoid the risk of contamination, students should only come to class with absolutely essential belongings (phone, books, paper etc.)
  9. Students are required to make use of the hand sanitizers and paper towels located at the entrance to the school and other rooms. Students must sanitize their hands when entering the building. Sanitizing stations will checked and filled regularly. All sanitizers are in line with HSE recommendations.
  10. Students are encouraged to come to the school with their own (and wearing) a face mask. Face masks can be purchased in the school in case a student needs one.
  11. On the first day of a student’s course, students will be provided with a ‘welcome pack’ containing key information about Covid-19 prevention, academy protocols and procedures and public health advice.
  12. All enquiries, consultations and level tests are currently being conducted online. To organise a consultation, students can email: and a time for a video call will be organised.
  13. Until further notice , Patrick’s English Academy is not accepting cash payments on site. Contactless only
  14. Patrick’s English Academy will, at all times, provide the students with adequate cleaning materials for phones, tablets, screens etc.
  15. Students who wish to collect books, documentation or other items should notify the director of studies in advance. This is a necessary measure  to prevent many people being in the room at the same time.
  16. Before a student starts a course, he/she must read all of the information  provided to them by the school with relation to Covid-19 protocols at the school and up-to-date public health advice.
  17. All pre-course level tests and inductions will be done online via a chosen video-conferencing platform.
  18. In addition to the school’s own Covid-19 safety protocols, students should regularly follow the government health advice, which is always changing. This can be accessed here:
  19. Students are asked to make use of the hand sanitizer, soap and paper towels provided in the bathroom facilities and classrooms. Toilets will be disinfected after each class.
  20. Students are asked to follow the public health advice with relation to social distancing. Where social distancing is not possible, students should make use of the protective screens.
  21. Students and teachers are required to wear face masks at all times in the building. This is subject to public health advice.
  22. Students must, at all times, practice social distancing in the classroom.
  23. Subject to updated health advice, class sizes will be reduced to allow for social distancing.
  24. Patrick’s English Academy has two classrooms. There will be a difference of 15 minutes between the start-time of both classes. In addition, students should arrive for their class 5 minutes before the start time and go directly to their class.
  25. Students must not leave items in the classroom when they are finished. All unnecessary items will be removed from our classrooms.
  26. Students must complete a ‘return to school’ form before beginning their course. This will be provided to them by the school.
  27. Covid-19 can be a source of anxiety and stress for people. We encourage students to read the information provided in the following link. Furthermore, if a student has any problem they are encouraged to speak to organise a consultation with the lead worker representative.
  28. In the case of a suspected Covid-19 case or where a student/teacher is required to isolate, Patrick’s English Academy will make a dedicated isolation room available to this person.
  29. Using the materials provided, students must clean their desks and chairs after use. In addition, students should clean their personal items before and after leaving them on communal surfaces. Students are asked to observe the posters related to cleaning protocols.
  30. Students are encouraged to bring their own water and water bottles to class. Under no circumstances should water bottles be shared.