Students at Patrick's English Academy


Miguel Jorquera Valenciano

“It’s perfect for those who would like to improve their English level with effort and constant work and be more confident speaking it. The best English school in Cork.”

Fran Ruiz

“I liked the methodology, the way different topics were explained, the teachers’ capacity to adapt to the different students’ needs and their sense of humour. I would recommend it to every single person who is interested in learning English. It doesn’t matter where you come from.”

Ana Belén Perales Pérez

“I like that the classes are between 5-6 persons, so the attention on us is great.”

Aida García Herrero

“The classes were very intense and after the lesson I really thought: ‘I have learnt a lot today’. I would recommend these classes not only to people who want to take the Official Exams, but also to people who want to speak properly or improve their English. If I go back to Cork some day, I will go with Patrick’s English Academy again!”

Melania Perez

“I would say that I like the method mainly because it is based on continuous repetition of advanced grammar and vocabulary.”

Sara Masó

“I liked that we were improving our speaking at the same time as our grammar, the classes were spontaneous and I learnt a lot of useful constructions for my daily life in Ireland. I would recommend these classes to anyone willing to talk as much as possible and not being afraid to make mistakes! The more you get involved in his class, the more you’ll learn.”

Beatriz Carretero Hernandez

“It was the first time that I enjoyed and felt that I was learning the language properly.”