Our English Teachers

At Patrick’s English Academy Cork, we use a method in which the English teacher will become your personal coach, who will make sure you are motivated, interacting and working hard in every moment. To do this, we have invested a lot of time to find and extensively train some of the best English teachers in Cork to provide classes of the highest quality.

Following our method, a teacher at Patrick’s English Academy will,

Correct every mistake made by the student, fundamental in the language learning process.

Create a class dynamic in which the students are the protagonist, allowing them to interact verbally with the teacher and other students at all times.

Create a class dynamic which requires the student to use grammar and vocabulary in context.

Encourage students to work hard on written material and homework outside of class.

Create a hard-working environment. Our teachers will make you work hard. At our academy we expect maximum effort and dedication from the student. If you do this, you will will feel proud and satisfied with your work at the end of every class.

Our English teachers are evaluated by students every month, which allow us to provide a service of the highest quality.